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Real Women's Work Podcast

Jul 26, 2023

Is there a little voice that nags at you? Does it grab at your shoulder and pull at your sweater and say "come here! come here! Look! This is the thing you want to try! This is the thing you want to do!"

Do you want to listen to it? To go where it leads you and jump all in to try the thing that seems to exciting- the thing that feels like it's meant for you to do?

Every once in a while do you think you really can do it only to snap out of the "daydream" and realize the life you are dreaming of is only meant for special people? 

What if the thing that is stopping you is a lack of confidence? 

What if there were a way to build it? 

Can I Build My Confidence?

Acquiring confidence is harder than it seems- if it weren't, more of us would be doing the things we long to do. Maybe it's training for a marathon, going back for a degree, starting a bakery, or submitting that piece for publication- whatever it is, something stops us from pursuing it.

We may tell ourselves it's laziness or that we just don't have what it takes to live the life we want. We might find it easier to stay small and quiet and keep doing the things that do not draw attention to ourselves. 

But still... every now and then... that little nagging voice reminds us of what we really want- and for just a brief moment we believe it's possible. We can see the life we desire so clearly it feels like we already have it. But the moment passes and we get back to the business of living the lives we are "supposed" to live. 

We might become depressed, lethargic, or acquiesce ourselves to the lives we seemed doomed to. A life full of humdrum, boredom, and living it in a way that utilizes none of our skills or talents. 

If only there were a way to find the confidence to take action toward the life we want...

Good News! Confidence can be Acquired!

Confidence is not something we are either born with or without- it is something we can acquire at any point in our life. Developing our confidence is an actionable practice!

But most of us have no idea where to start. This is where Anna Marcolis, Psychotherapist and Confidence Coach comes in. 

From taking action regardless of feelings to building our comptence to create our confidence, in this episode, Anna shares real and proven ways of developing our confidence so we can create the life we want. 

If you long to have a life that is fuller, richer, and utiilzes your unique gifts, listen in as Anna and I have an honest and candid conversation about confidence. 

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