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Real Women's Work Podcast

Jun 13, 2023

Does it happen to you, too? Forehead dripping with sweat, hear trate reaching 180, hands so clammy you cannot hold the ice cold water glass you desperately want to sip from to get rid of the cotton that somehow found its way to lining your mouth?  And then it's time for you to speak... in front of other people... and the whole world around you begins to spin...

It's called Glassophobia and it's believed to affect more than 75% of people. But it's not just speaking in front of large groups that affects many of us, it's speaking up at PTA meetings, in social situations, and even at family gatherings.

We women have been conditioned to shrink and quiet ourselves- not only when public speaking but in every element in our lives. When it comes to advanacing our career, sharing messages of impact, and participating in the conversations happening around us, getting comfortable speaking matters.

In this epsiode, Speaking Confidence Coach and author of Delight in the Limelight Linda Ugelow digs into the root circumstances that cause us to fear showing ourselves and making ourselves heard. Through her diverse background with music, movement, psychology, and more Linda takes us down a path to help us become confident showing up, speaking up, and going after the things we want.

Linda's book; "Delight in the Limelight" is indeed an incredible tool for those who want to get over their fear of speaking in front of others. Its message is also invaluable for helping each of us get back to who we are so we can be comfortable showing up and creating the life we want.

Listen in as Linda and I talk about healing, speaking, being visible, and rewriting the rules in a real and practical way. 

Where to find Linda and Delight in the Limelight:

Linda and Delight in the Limelight

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