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Real Women's Work Podcast

May 14, 2019

Have you heard the term but are not sure what it means? Maybe you think you know what Impostor Syndrome means but that it doesn't apply to you because you are not in a "creative" field? 

As award winning game writer Crystal Mazur shares in this workshop, Impostor Syndrome can kick in whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or attending a potting class for the first time. Like all things that increase our self awareness, knowing what Impostor Syndrome is can help lessen its effects on our lives. 

In this recorded workshop Crystal shares tips, tools and observations to recognize Impostor Syndrome, set ourselves up to avoid it, and deal with it when it hits. 

CONTENT NOTE: This is the first time we have ever done a Video Workshop. It was awesome! Like many first times though, there were a lot of things I was not aware of. For example, when it sounds like I am calling Crystal the wrong name, I'm not :) I am referring to a comment from an attendee. Next time I will reference that as I am addressing it so that it's not confusing.

I also need to ask for your patience with my audio (not Crystal's- hers was great). I was renovating my home studio and this being the first video workshop, I was totally focused on that. So THANK YOU for your patience with my audio in this episode.

We have 8 more workshops coming up so be sure to sign up for our newsletter (click here) so you know when they are happening! These are totally informal and we would LOVE to have you join us. 

Enjoy today's chat on Impostor Syndrome!

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