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Real Women's Work Podcast

Apr 21, 2019

Learning about our reproductive health as women is not only empowering, it may directly change outcomes for future generations. I had not understood this before talking with De'Nicea Hilton; Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Speaker, and Women's Health Advocate.

While talking with De'Nicea I began to understand things differently. I understood that looking at a holistic picture of the life of the person in front of a practitioner is important. I began to think differently about how I will speak to my own daughter about women's health, fertility, and reproductive cycles. I started thinking that the misery that has come with my own cycles and accepted as normal, may be anything but.

Listen in as De'Nicea talks about how she moved from pre-med in western medicine to becoming a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, the reasons women come to see her, why she must live her days in a way that makes sense for her, and a different perspective on women's health.

As with all of our interviews here on Real Women's Work you will feel empowered and think differently about yourself and other women after this episode! Tune in!

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