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Real Women's Work Podcast

Jul 9, 2019

All of us parents of girls want our daughters to have high self-worth and self confidence, a strong sense of their core beliefs, and the ability to say "no" to things that make them uncomfortable, and "yes" to things that bring them joy. With so much conflated information surrounding us, though, how can we ensure a positive body image and strong communication skills?The answer is both simpler and more difficult than we think.

Maria Fuller gave up a successful photography business to follow a different path- a path that guides parents in raising a powerful girl and empowers girls. Through the programs, apps, and podcast created by Maria, parents are feeling hopeful about empowering their daughters. Through the Empowered Girl Movement and accompanying app, girls are learning how to navigate social media to help them feel powerful and positive, and are raising their self-worth and level of personal empowerment.

Listen in as Maria shares how she got this movement started, what her days look like, and the family culture she has intentionally created to empower her own daughters. 

You can learn more here:

Raising a Powerful Girl

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