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Real Women's Work Podcast

Mar 19, 2020

Whoa. Don't you feel like you are going to wake up tomorrow and all of this will have been a dream- or rather a nightmare?

We went from living one way to living another way in the span of about 24 hours. There is so much legitimate fear right now. We have no answers. We cannot wrap our heads around this because we don't even have a strong sense of what "it" is. 

We want our kids to feel safe. How do we help them when we ourselves don't even feel safe? Should we be strict and regimented? Let them do whatever they want to keep them distracted? 

There are also the practical challenges like working and schooling from home by necessity. Living together literally 24/7 is new for a lot of people.

Roya Dedeaux is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist with a focus on parenting and play. In this episode Roya offers us a shift in the way we think that could turn this time from chaos and disconnection to a time that might offer beauty, connection, and new understandings of each other.

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