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Real Women's Work Podcast

May 15, 2023

Have you ever seen those gorgeous videos from your favorite brands- you know, the ones that show how they make their jelly or jewelry (or maybe even their beautiful tulip farm!) and wonder who makes them? Have you noticed the continuity in the images and video and appreciated that it tells you a story so you can really know the brand?

Or maybe you've noticed there is an important person missing from your family photos (YOU!) and you'd like to become more confident being in them?

Are you a photographer who would like to add Brand Photography, Strategy, and Video Storytelling to your services?

If you are curious about any of these you will love getting to know Nicole Bedard!

Nicole is a Brand Photographer, Strategist, and Video Storyteller who left her technical career in pursuit of a creative, joy filled life. It started with a flyer that made her think "wow! imagine if that was my work?! That would be so fun!" and has evolved into her most recent iteration- Drone Pilot! Yeah- there aren't many women who can put that next to their name!

In this episode Nicole tells us what her work is, how she does it and how she has opted into a career she loves. Nicole also shares what it is like to watch women find confidence showing themselves to the world!

Find Nicole here:

Nicole Bedard Photo and Video

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EXCITING UPDATE: Nicole is launching her first class! The Brand of Business Photography is available by clicking this link