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Real Women's Work Podcast

Mar 4, 2020

Social justice takes many forms. While we tend to think of marches, boycotts, and petitions, there are women who have devoted their lives and careers to taking practical action for social justice. Civil rights attorney Sandra Hanshaw Burink is one of those women.

Sandra tells us about how she determines whether a case exists, how she prepares, how she communicates with her clients and how she prepares for a case. In addition to all of this, Sandra shares wisdom, courage, and sheer bravery as she not only learned how to take depositions and try cases, but as she learned how to navigate life transitions, like divorce, while exemplifying integrity and grace. You won't want to miss today's incredible episode.

HOST NOTE: As mentioned in the break I am working on an offering for women. "Wholehearted Self-Love for Women" is a set of carefully curated tools to help women love themselves more. It is not a teaching, program, or course. It is an offering- an opportunity for us to love ourselves more. It is low-key, low-pressure, and all women are welcome. Here is the link to learn more: Click here for Wholehearted Self-Love for Women