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Real Women's Work Podcast

May 29, 2019

Wow! You know those things that you never knew you never had? That you never knew you always wanted? 

Until I was introduced to the work that Ashley Hart is doing with her two best friends at She Plays I never would have thought to think that women athletes are not represented with Fantasy Sports! As an athlete growing up my idols were Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. I was older when the WNBA came out and it was still so new that it wasn't part of the conversation. Women athletes were not part of the conversation. Our coaches were men. Our referees were men. 

It's okay. It was what it was. But things- they are changing. All you have to do is listen to Ashley to understand that. This work is so important and getting to hear from someone who is in there doing it is insightful, inspiring, hopeful, and fills us with gratitude and excitement. 

Once you've listened to Ashley you are surely going to want to know more, so here is where you can find She Plays:

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